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L-Arginine- L-Aspartate

L-Arginine - L-Aspartate Product standard: AJI/USP/FCC/EP; Packaging: 25KG/drum

Product name: L-Arginine - L-Aspartate;
Category: amino acids;
Molecular Formula: C10H21N5O6;
Molecular Weight: 307.31;
Product standard: AJI/USP/FCC/EP;
Packaging: 25KG/drum;
Physical charactor: white crystal powder; odorless, slightly special smell.  Higher quality product than normal level without black particles. Contact us only if you have very strict requirement for the quality !

Main function:
1. In medicine: can be used to treat heart disease, liver disease, hypertension; have the function of prevention and recovery from fatigue; be made of amino acid infusion with a variety of amino acids. Be used as ammonia detoxification agent, erectile dysfunction,liver function promotor, fatigue recovery agent.

2. In food industry: is a good nutritional supplement, be added in a variety of soft drinks; is a good food additive.

3. In chemical industry: can be used as raw sources of synthetic resins. And may be used as nutritional additives of cosmetics.

Potentiator .Use for solution or effervescent tablets---popular brands in the market like, Argesyl forte, Starfor C, Energil C, Targifor, SORBENOR etc.

COA as following:


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