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Nucleating Agent NC-2 for Polypropylene

???? NC-2 Millad 3940 MDBS ?????? ?????? / ????? ???? Зародышеобразователя поставщиком Clarifier/GEL ALL MD-LM30G / осветлитель Agente de nuclea??o fornecedor clarificador / agente d


Cas No.:54686-97-4;87826-41-3

White Powder

Molecular Formula: C22H26O6 

Equivalent to Milliken Millad 3940;GEL ALL MD-LM30G;



    Melting point : 245-255 Deg;

    Loss on drying :0.5% max

    Grain size:325 mesh min

    Bulk density: 0.2 g/cm3



 Application:  it can be used in PP, chemical fiber, textile, printing, coating and pigment, etc

TDS as following:

TDS-Nucleating agent NC-2



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