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Nucleating agent NC-3 for Polypropylene

нуклеатора NC-3 millad 3988 DMDBS Зародышеобразователя поставщиком Clarifier Geniset? DXR/ осветлитель Agente de nuclea??o fornecedor clarificador / agente de


Trade name: Nucleating agent NC-3  (equivalent to Milliken Millad 3988, NJC Geniset® DXR)

Chemical name: DMDBS

Molecular Formula:C24H30O6

CAS No: 135861-56-2

Molecular structure:


White powder
0.5% max
Melting point
250 ºC min
Particle size
325mesh min



High effectiency (0.2%-0.4% dosage usually) clarifying agent for polypropylene homopolymer & random copolymer.  Nucleating agent NC-3 offers polypropylene more appealing appearance to consumers and increases sales of PP products.  Mix directly or made to be masterbatch first.  

Health and safety:

NC-3  are licensed to be used in foods packaging material by FDA.  

Storage and Package: NC-3 should be kept in dry and winding place, avoid forming dust and be far away fire.

Packing :
Every 10 kg are packed in one kraft paper carton with PE liner, and single PE bag inside.


Same quality level with Millad 3988 while price is much more competitive. 

Supplying capacity:  300 tons /year

More information:


One example of application in PP product to improve apperance is available now. Please visit here.


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